P&O Ferries

As P&O stocks a product range in excess of 10,000 lines – varying in size from a lipstick to a pallet containing dozens of bottles of wine – the solution had to provide a wide diversity of storage. The finalised design included both pallet racking and drive-in racking for bulk storage, together with a multi-tier mezzanine which contains Longspan shelving for bulkier items and short-span shelving with bins for smaller items.


Whitford UK moved to a new home in 2012 due to a pressing need for larger, more efficient space to accommodate the growth over the past years and provide ample room for the future. The open-plan office is designed to encourage interaction and communication among the members of our team.

Beeston Reclamation

Millennium SI has recently undertaken the supply and installation of used racking and cantilever stands for Global Reclamation Group’s Cheshire station, Beeston Reclamation.