MILLENNIUM - the expertise behind an efficient industrial operation

Think of industry today, how companies' systems work and operate and you are right at the heart of Millennium's product range and expertise. Production, storage, logistics, working areas, space utilisation - it's all familiar territory.

Clean start or making better use of what you have?

When we work with companies who are at the planning stage of moving into an empty building, we have the perfect opportunity to make sure that everything we contribute is right from the word go. More frequently, we have the challenge of making more effective use of customers' space. Companies evolve, working practices change and new opportunities can introduce a new direction. The capability to provide effective solutions to any of these variables is the service that Millennium provides to industry and for which our name has become synonymous.

From simple shelving to space-age operation

Consider the scope of Millennium's capability in just one area; storage. Here we can supply or install a simple shelving system, a pallet racking system that will speed up your production, computer controlled live storage or even mobile racking to give you unlimited access and enable you to get more storage into a given area. Just by working with you in this one area of our expertise, we can help you make a substantial and beneficial difference to your operation.

From manual small parts picking to automated crane warehousing

We can provide a totally integrated system that will give you an operational advantage - from manual picking to high bay operation. But we can also save you time because we have everything else you will need, such as partitioning, conveyors, access equipment - even bins and tote boxes. Call in Millennium and you'll get the whole job done; efficiently and cost effectively.

Professional installation and full safety check

Some of our products are designed for self assembly. Others however, are best left to our experienced installation engineers. When the installation is up and running our safety inspectors will ensure that everything is conforming to its correct safety requirement so that you can be satisfied that the highest levels of health & safety in the workplace can be held.

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