How do you increase the capacity and floor space of your business without incurring the cost of a long term lease, or hassle and disruption of adding an extension or a lengthy relocation process? Call Bolton’s leading mezzanine floor installation experts, Millennium Storage and Interiors, and you might just find the right answer.

Installing mezzanine flooring right across Bolton and the surrounding area, Millennium Storage and Interiors can install mezzanine floors quickly and easily with minimal disruption and very competitive prices. Mezzanine floors are installed within your existing building footprint so will help reduce your exposure to increased business rates that other options may incur, which is a major consideration for many Bolton businesses. Millennium Storage and Interiors mezzanine floor installations are manufactured to your requirements, and are fully compliant with all access and safety legislation. Millennium Storage and Interiors fit mezzanine flooring in and around Bolton and have the expertise to make sure your mezzanine flooring does the job and gives you a flexible and productive operational space.

With the increasingly scarce opportunities for business expansion in Bolton and beyond, afforded by traditional options to expand, creates pressure on businesses like yours to identify suitable space for growth. This makes mezzanine flooring an ideal solution to address Bolton’s finite supply of commercial property, preventing interruption and unnecessary restriction to your business. Millennium Storage and Interiors experienced team of engineers have helped many firms in Bolton to create mezzanine flooring applications that have had a positive impact on their businesses. Our team will guide and project manage your installation from start to finish so you can be confident your mezzanine flooring from Millennium Storage and Interiors will meet your requirements completely.

Short on space but need a flexible solution? Contact Millennium Storage and Interiors, one of Bolton’s principal installers of mezzanine floors, on 01942 603344 and we will help you create the space your business needs to grow.

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