Mesh partitioning really delivers the goods when it comes to industrial wall partitioning systems. Millennium Storage and Interiors modular mesh warehouse partition system is a cost effective and adaptable way to create secure areas within your warehouse or factory.

Millennium Storage and interiors will custom fit to your specific requirements so that you can house hazardous or high value items in your existing storage space while still maintaining visibility at all times. Every mesh partitioning system comes with a quality guarantee and you can select different specifications of mesh partitioning to give you the level of security you need.

Quick and easy to assemble on-site, warehouse partitions are ideal for courier warehouse applications, where partitioning high value parcels makes them secure but keeps them within the warehouse environment so they are visible and easily accessed by authorise personnel. Industrial partitioning applications allow for additional ventilation and sprinkler access when manufacturing processes require the use of hazardous materials. As an extra benefit this type of industrial partitioning will allow natural light to filter easily in to the workspace. Whatever mesh partitioning application you need Millennium Storage and Interiors will provide the perfect solution.

For ease of access warehouse partitions can be specified with either hinged or sliding gates for use by personnel or fork lifts. Similarly specialist or hazardous machinery can be safely partitioned from the general workforce by an industrial partitioning system while still allowing raw materials to be safely fed through and finish goods removed, with unrivalled visibility and scope for monitoring the safety and performance of personnel working within the mesh partitioning.

Call Millennium Storage and interiors today on 01942 603344 to safely manage your high value and hazardous items with mesh warehouse and industrial partitioning systems.

Mesh Partitioning