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Innovative ideas to make your warehouse more efficient

Most businesses are always looking to be more efficient, but never more so than in the present day. A variety of difficult business conditions mean that warehouse and logistics operations are increasingly looking to save money and space. Oftentimes, the best way to do this is to invest in technological solutions – upgrading the infrastructure that your business relies on every day.

Some of the improvements that can be made to warehouse and logistics infrastructure are more familiar, while others are more on the cutting edge. From smarter shelving to roving robots to simply investing in your staff, here are five innovative ideas to make your warehouse space more efficient.

Smarter storage for your warehouse: While there are plenty of cutting-edge technologies you can apply to your warehouse, an equally effective solution is simply to reappraise your storage. A higher density form of pallet racking could easily increase your available storage space by more than half – or double the amount of floor space you have available for other tasks – giving you ample room to grow.

Employee training : Many warehouse and logistics businesses offer some sort of training to employees to help them carry out their roles, often in the realm of health and safety. However, by going above and beyond to offer additional skills training, you can both improve the quality of people’s work and reinforce the ties that bind them to your business. Offering and incentivising training courses can be a great way to sharpen skills, improve practices within your warehouse or logistics operation, and even to fill roles that you may be struggling with or anticipating a need for.

Automation: Warehouse automation isn’t just the future – for many businesses, it’s the present. While Amazon has been the front-runner in this field, they have kept most of their advances to themselves. Numerous companies have stepped into the breach to develop similar autonomous robots and other automated systems, which shepherd pallets and individual items around the warehouse.

The advantages of automation are numerous. Autonomous vehicles and robots can be more reactive, as they receive an order from a WMS and immediately know where to go to carry it out. They also present safety benefits, as they can support heavy loads and pose no risk of injury to human operators, with sensors to prevent them from colliding with people. Their suitability for menial, repetitive work also reduces the physical and mental load on human operators, who can be moved to other tasks.

How To Solve The 3 Most Common Warehouse Efficiency Issues

The volume of space we have at our disposal is something that is always changing and if your business revolves around the storage of items you will encounter times when space becomes a real issue if you are affected by these 3 common issues.

The wrong type of pallet racking

Has pallet racking in your warehouse been correctly thought out or is it no longer meeting storage requirements? It’s easy to overlook how pallet racking is installed even though it is one of the most important areas to check. Sometimes changes can be made such as making better use of the height or aisle space of a warehouse. Regular inspections should be made to ensure that racking is not only set up to maximum efficiency.

Outdated shelving
This can be a safety hazard as well as a storage concern. If shelves haven’t been inspected there can be hidden safety issues as well as impacts on storage capacity. In these cases it can be useful to speak to an expert who can advise on the best solutions for your warehouse storage facility.

Items stored on the floor
Of all the storage solutions, floor space is the least efficient. Using floor space not only creates hazards for employees it also limits your options when it comes to utilising all the space that could be available.