If you have a business that holds a lot of stock then you will naturally need to keep that stock in good condition and you will find there are plenty of solutions to achieve just that.

Organising a stock room correctly is of vital importance to the functioning business handling large amounts of stock. If a stockroom isn’t fitted with the right storage aids or is lacking them altogether, then chaos is often the result.

Having a well organised stick room means you can get to the items you need quicker and identify areas where there are low stock levels so new orders can be placed to satisfy demand for particular products.

Shelves and racking

Shelves and racking are mong the more popular storage options. They keep items off the floor and greatly increase storage capacity. Shelves and racking are ideal for use in stock rooms where both large and smaller items may be stored.

Wire shelves
Wire shelves are extremely lightweight and more mobile. They are also robust and ideal for storing medium and lightweight items. They are also easy to assemble and are usually delivered in flatpack form which saves space.

Garment racking and clothes rails
While shelving and standard racking is great for storing most products, clothing presents its own challenges. Garment racking is the ideal solution which allows items to be easily accessed and crease free. Clothes rails with casters are also useful in busy retail outlets where turnover is high.
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