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Has Google Type Office Design Had It’s Day?

Google is the undisputed leader among the world’s search engines and it has also been a front runner in the evolution of office design, but experts in office design are beginning to question how its brand of office design can actually be detrimental to some businesses.

It’s inevitable that office design trends will change over time and Google’s playful approach to making its employees feel at home in the work place is beginning to look a little bit dated.

A recent article in architectural magazine, Dezeen suggests that even some Google employees are getting fed up with hearing people play on slides. Many among those who have tried out office play equipment themselves, often do so only once when they realise that their clothes have been messed up in the process.

Turning offices into playgrounds was seen as a way to stimulate creativity and put staff back in touch with their childhoods to keep them more relaxed. While this may have worked and helped Google staff solve problems creatively, for some businesses having staff stand around next to play equipment can lead to people not working as hard as they should or messing around in the workplace.

The article concludes that If you do intend to kit your office out like Google, it is worth assessing if the playful approach is right for your business before doing so to avoid problems later on.

Interior Design for your Office

Designing your office space is an important and often overlooked task. The layout, acoustics and design of your office can have a profound effect on productivity, motivation and workplace atmosphere.

That is why it is so important to get it right and hiring a professional office interiors service can be so advantageous. Any professional, experienced interior design and storage solution company will take all of the following factors into consideration when designing your office space;

1. Design vs Fit – we appreciate that you may want an amazing looking workspace, something inspiring and unique to impress your clients. But don’t forget that the space needs to be practical and work with your everyday business, not impact upon it negatively. That is why it is so important to get the perfect balance. Taking a full brief that takes into account your need for communal spaces, creative spaces and workstations is a vital part of the whole design process.
2. Light it up! – Remember the days of strip-lighting that flickered and buzzed constantly driving you to distraction? Can you imagine the negative impact that sort of artificial lighting can have on your productivity? Pay special attention to how your office space is illuminated, ensuring that you get as much natural light as possible into your office. If this isn’t possible, our office interior specialists will always find the best possible lighting solution for your office space.
3. Inspiration – white walls, uniform desks and cluttered workspaces can suck the productivity out of any office. Consider brightening things up by adding colour. Or maybe just creating communal spaces for people to talk and interact in a less formal setting will inspire creative thinking and positive outcomes.
4. Air-flow – give a lot of consideration to the fresh ait flow in your office space. Air conditioning is great if used properly, but don’t forget those people who are sat directly underneath the ducts, or those stuck in hot corners. Adjust your air conditioning according to the seasons and the layout of your office.
5. Outside in! – You would be amazed at how much difference a few plants can make to any office. Low-maintenance, leafy green plants can help to cleanse the air and raise spirits in an otherwise industrial workspace.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Office design is a specialist service that requires a lot of different input and careful planning. It should not be taken lightly, but neither should it cause unnecessary stress.

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