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Office Partitioning Systems



An ideal solution where a high quality, economical office partitioning system is required for manufacture and storage areas.


Alternative office partitioning systems for installations where a smooth internal finish is required, for example partitioning walls for work offices, clean rooms and storage areas for chemicals or food products.



Intended to provide attractive and economical executive type partitioned offices with a double skin that is decorated with a vinyl wallpaper covering in a range of colours and finishes. The system is quick and easy to install and is fully re-locatable.


This type of office partitioning is intended where sound and heat insulation are considered a priority for your executive type offices. They can also be designed to provide fire protection where required to conform to building regulations and can be constructed in conjunction with fire rated glazed windows and veneered door sets. The solid panels can also be decorated with a vinyl wall covering.

Office partitions can incorporate single and double glazing, internal or external blinds and a choice of door veneers including vision panel options.


Suspended Ceilings can be incorporated into any office scheme, self supporting or hung from wires. The system can also be hung on the underside of a mezzanine floor and be installed with lighting, air conditioning, and other systems to fully utilise the area beneath the mezzanine floor. We can provide help and advice on fire rating , sound absorption and also aesthetics.


Ideal when you need visibility and to allow light into the room. The glass can be frosted to match company logo/colour scheme and can also be double glazed with a blind fitted within the glass cavity.


A full range is available – including Toilet Cubicles , Urinal Screens and Shower Areas . With various finishes to choose from you can quickly and easily provide additional washroom facilities.

Partitioning Systems Solutions

Create the right environment for your business with defined spaces.

Whether you want to create privacy for meeting rooms, build efficient teams with zoned spaces or simply find a new office or storage space, creating the right environment can dramatically transform your business.

Partitioning systems allow you to structure your space to suit your current business needs. If you’ve considered moving premises to find the space you need, partitioning systems could be a much easier and more cost-effective solution than buying or renting a building at a high cost.

Efficient and space-saving

One way of effectively utilising your office space is through the use of partitions. These can be beneficial for a number of reasons as they can be used as a tool to increase employee’s productivity, as well as promoting efficiency at work; your employees will be more productive when working at a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Choice of materials

There is a wide variety of partitions to choose from such as silicon glaze partitioning, steel partitioning and glass partitioning. Each design has its unique benefits compared to the others but all can be blended to improve the appearance of an office. Every partition can be custom-made to fit the user’s personal tastes such as colour, material and size, hence improving comfort and style. For example, glass partitions can be very beneficial in offices that aim to increase exposure to natural lighting whilst being able to maintain the required privacy. They also create an impression of an open space for visitors, therefore providing a positive environment.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is also highly effective in partitioned offices. This is because the workstations are subdivided into smaller areas where doors can be closed to retain heat or opened when it is too hot. Each workstation can also have its own air conditioning system hence reducing air conditioning wars at a workplace. In addition, partitions that are raised from the floor provide a gap for air movement within different workstations.

Less distractions

Another benefit of using office partitions is less distraction at work. Partitions create a barrier between individual’s hence improving privacy and concentration scope of workers but can be easily removed when there is a need for collaboration. These barriers will also be beneficial to visitors because they enable proper subdivision of departments and make it easier for visitors to locate offices. In addition to providing ease of access, partitions can give a good impression to your visitors – as a clear design will give a modern and professional impression.

Points To Remember About Introducing Hot Desks

Hot desks are part of a new way of working where no one member of staff takes ownership of a desk in the workplace. The hot desk provides a space that anyone employed or associated with a company can use to do their work.

Hot desking isn’t right for every business of course. Many business owners prefer their staff to be at the workplace full time occupying a space they can call their own. For others where being office based isn’t essential, hot desks are ideal and will save the expense of renting large office spaces that are only half full.

The main points to remember when introducing hot desks is to discuss this with employees first to make sure they are on board with the idea.
Some people like to have their own space and some permanence in their work arrangements while other staff who are in and out of the office a lot may not be too concerned.

Once introduced, hot desk areas should be kept clean and tidy and staff should be instructed on keeping hot desks clean and tidy. There should also be a booking system where people know when they can use the hot desk in advance.

3 Good Reasons To Choose Glazed Office Partitions

Glass partitions in offices are nothing new and the reason they have been used in offices for a long time are down to the obvious benefits they have over other types of partitioning. So if you have a large office space office that doesn’t have glass partitioning, let’s look at some of best reasons to opt for it over other alternatives.

Heightened privacy yet open
The modern office has collaboration at its heart. People like to feel that they are not isolated or segregated away from their co-workers and even bosses. Bosses meanwhile will still value the soundproofing glass partitioning can provide while at the same time letting their staff know that they are approachable and open to communication which is important for staff employer relations.

Letting in natural light
Another benefit of glass partitioning is that natural light can pass through brightening up a previously dark office space. There is nothing more off-putting for staff and clients than spending time in what look like a dark dingy office.

Savings on lighting bills
Dark offices mean high electricity bills if the lights need to be kept on all year round. Glass partitioning can help reduce those bills by making the best use of natural light.

Why Sound Acoustics Is Vital to Office Design

Offices come in all sorts of layouts from sleek open plan, to period offices in city centres.

The challenge in both cases is to find a solution that not only creates a sense of space but also provides privacy and a quiet place to work for those employees who need it. So when designing an office layout, a delicate balancing act needs to be struck to ensure that everyone in the workplace will be happy.

Unlike visual distractions, which can simply be screened off or hidden by a simple re-arrangement of furniture and screens. Unfortunately, good acoustics will require a more complicated solution to reduce noise from phones, chatter and colleagues moving from one place to another.

All of this can become very frustrating for those who require peace and quiet to do their best work, which will in turn hinder productivity.

While the modern trend continues to lean towards the open plan spaces which have been seen as the best way to develop cooperation and creativity since the 1950s.

To improve acoustics in your office requires knowledge of how sound impacts on different surfaces and how it is absorbed by others.

This starts with the introduction of carpets, acoustic panels and acoustic screens which can help reduce noise dramatically. Then create separate spaces for collaborative work so as not to disturb those staff members who prefer to work in quiet isolation from time to time.

Is Your Office Layout Influencing Your Business Culture?

The more you learn about architecture and the buildings we use everyday, the more you understand just how much they can influence us.

Do you ever find yourself sitting in a room at work wondering what might be going on in the office across the corridor or do you feel excluded from management who occupy a corner office hardly anyone ever goes into?

Despite open plan offices and glass partitions now being an established part of business culture, you can still be left feeling an unwanted sense of seclusion and separation.

As a business owner, having your office laid out in this traditional manner is more likely to put people off coming to work for your organisation.

The days when people coveted the big office in the corner are now numbered as collaboration is understood to be the key to effective working.

If everyone in your office is crammed into small rooms, then it can be little wonder that conflict between staff members can begin to develop and instead of working as a team, the organisation becomes fragmented.

This can all be changed by a re-imagining of your office layout to encourage rather than discourage collaboration and a more harmonious working environment.

The Case for Glazed Partitions

Are you sick and tired of working in a noisy open office environment? It seems to be the trend these days for modern companies to have open office spaces. But did you know that you can have all of the benefits of an open office without any of the drawbacks?

Glazed partitions are see-through – yes really!

There are lots of obvious benefits for keeping your staff members closely connected and immediately accessible to each other. Not least because it means that no one can hide from the boss and take a sneaky snooze on their desk at lunch time. The privacy and isolation provided by closed offices offer employees lots of benefits but employers, not many. For example;

  1. 1. You can play candy crush saga or do your grocery shopping without getting noticed.
  2. 2. You can shut your eyes for forty winks whenever you want.
  3. 3. You can take your phone off the hook so no one can get hold of you.
  4. 4. You can hold pretend meetings with your office mates and instead catch up on all the latest office gossip.
  5. 5. You can outrageously flirt with a fellow employee without becoming the latest office gossip!

So lets play devils advocate for a minute and fight the side of the employer. Glazed partitioning offers all of the benefits of not allowing your employees to do any of the above, but also;

  1. 1. Keeps noise levels down so that your staff can be more productive.
  2. 2. Enables a full view of the office and all staff members so you know where everyone is at any one time.
  3. 3. Glazed partitioning looks professional.
  4. 4. You can still get the benefit of privacy through the use of blinds.
  5. 5. You have flexibility of office layout meaning you can fit many departments onto the same floor.

Glazed partitioning has so many different benefits for your company and your staff productivity, it is surely worth at least getting a free no obligation quote to find out how a simple bit of glazing can help to transform your office space. If you have been thinking of moving premises because your office environment doesn’t provide the workspace that you need any more, then maybe glazed partitioning is the answer you have been looking for.

Call one of our friendly team members to arrange a site visit and we will see how our office partitioning solutions can help you.