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Benefits of Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings aren’t just for hotels, they can be equally beneficial in all sorts of buildings including homes and offices.

Suspended ceilings may seem like a recent innovation but they have actually been around for a very long time. There is evidence of their use in this country from the 16th century in fact.

The suspended ceilings we see today have come a long way since then and offer a variety of benefits depending on where they are installed.

One of the key attractions of suspended ceilings are the way they can enhance a building. Installing one will completely change the look of a room. Not only will a suspended ceiling make a feature of an existing ceiling but it is also makes it possible to install lighting in new and creative ways.

Another benefit is affordability. If you want to make a significant change to your rooms and ceiling heights allow for this, this can be an excellent and cost-effective way to make a space feel homelier and inviting.

Lastly, a suspended ceiling acts as great sound insulation from above. This is why you will often see them in office and apartment blocks where insulating against sound from above can be difficult and expensive.

Should Workplace Design Reflect Your Branding?

How many workplaces do you know that have interior spaces that reflect their branding?

Depending on how many you will have seen the answer is probably not many. Workplaces that reflect company branding are hard to find in most business sectors unless they appreciate just how important branding is to company culture as well as perceptions from the outside.

If you business is branding then there is a good chance you already appreciate how everything present in a business from its philosophy and culture to its furniture should reflect the brand.

It also shouldn’t be forgotten, that when customers and clients arrive at your workplace, their perception of your business can be greatly influenced by what they are seeing around them for the first time.

As everyone knows first impressions are important. If an office has a nice contemporary design that reflects the branding and colours of the business, then this will make those clients and customers feel more secure about doing business with your company.

For staff too, it’s important for them to buy into company culture and the work environment should encourage this by creating a clear sense of identity. Simply spreading a few brochures on meeting and coffee tables is not enough to make those employees feel part of an organisation that is going places.