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The World’s Most Incredible Warehouses & Factories

Explore some of the world’s most amazing factories and warehouses! From a luxurious wine cellar to an awe-inspiring factory where airplanes are built, these incredible photos will show you what goes into creating modern marvels.

1. DB Schenker’s Warehouse in Germany

DB Schenker is a giant in the logistics industry, and Christian Stoll captures their modern structures with incredible precision. His photos showcase just how powerful the organization really is.

2. Volkswagen’s Car Towers, Wolfsburg, Germany

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg is a sight to behold. It consists of two gleaming glass towers that stand side by side, powered by advanced technology allowing cars from the Volkswagen plant to move seamlessly between them and into the waiting hands of their new owners.

3. National Archives inWinsford, Cheshire

At the heart of Winsford, Cheshire lies a mysterious mine that has grown to an immense size – enough for 700 football pitches! Extending 100 miles deep under ground and growing every day, this salt cave is not just impressive in its dimensions; it also protects some very valuable materials. From confidential government documents to hospital records and historical archives belonging The National Archives, important items find protection thanks to stable temperatures and dry atmosphere inside the vast corridors of this unique subterranean complex.

4. Bank of England’s Vault Beneath London

Nestled deep beneath the bustling streets of London is a glittering secret – an incredible £156 billion worth of gold! Held within the Bank of England’s fortified vault, row after row of 24-carat golden bars shining in all their 28lb glory await discovery.

5. Amazon Warehouse

Amazon, the colossal online retail giant that began as a humble bookstore in 1994, owns an awe-inspiring warehouse somewhere out there. It’s whereabouts remain mysterious to this day – adding even more intrigue and mythos to one of our generation’s most successful empires!

6. Champagne Warehouse, France

The world’s best wines are aged to perfection in underground cellars like this one in Reims, France. After decades of careful maturation and nurturing, these champagnes reach the peak of their flavor for a truly exquisite experience.

7. M&S Warehouse, Castle Donington

With its grand opening in 2003, Marks and Spencer’s colossal e-commerce headquarters located in Castle Donington, Leicestershire creates a hub of activity. This 900,000 sq ft facility is capable of processing an astonishing one million items per day to satisfy the online shopping needs customers around the world!

Points To Remember About Introducing Hot Desks

Hot desks are part of a new way of working where no one member of staff takes ownership of a desk in the workplace. The hot desk provides a space that anyone employed or associated with a company can use to do their work.

Hot desking isn’t right for every business of course. Many business owners prefer their staff to be at the workplace full time occupying a space they can call their own. For others where being office based isn’t essential, hot desks are ideal and will save the expense of renting large office spaces that are only half full.

The main points to remember when introducing hot desks is to discuss this with employees first to make sure they are on board with the idea.
Some people like to have their own space and some permanence in their work arrangements while other staff who are in and out of the office a lot may not be too concerned.

Once introduced, hot desk areas should be kept clean and tidy and staff should be instructed on keeping hot desks clean and tidy. There should also be a booking system where people know when they can use the hot desk in advance.

How To Make Pallet Storage In Industrial Warehouses More Efficient

One of the first things to do when you have identified a warehouse suitable for your storage needs is to assess how that space is used for optimum efficiency.

To do this you will need a storage professional to help you not only help plan how the space will be used but also increase the profitability of your warehouse. Of course a lot about planning your space will depend on the kinds of products you will be storing and how much traffic is likely to be entering and exiting the building.

When it comes to the pallets themselves there are three important areas to keep think about:

The size of products
The ideal use of space is to store your products according to their common sizes although this may not always be possible. The focus either way should be to keep the fastest moving products nearest the exit door so that productivity can be maximised.

The number of pallets
When calculating how many pallets you need to fill the available rack space you should also allow for growth in stock levels over time.

The size of your pallets
It is important to allow some clearance around your pallets rather than have them tightly packed together. A forklift truck should have enough room to pick a pallet out of each slot without risking damage to surrounding products.

There are of course plenty of other factors to consider including the rent per sq ft and so on but the above should help get you started. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.