If you have a storage need that requires security, flexibility and a high level of health and safety, then mesh partitioning could be exactly what you are looking for.

Ideal for the storage and separation of flammable or hazardous products, the mesh allows for sprinkler systems to penetrate through the partitions meaning that you are given that extra level of safety and peace of mind.

The mesh is see-through so that you can easily see the stored goods and the people who may be working closely with them. The mesh is also highly flexible and can be assembled quickly and easily, as well as being light weight so that it can be easily transported.

Our mesh partitioning is used for the storage of alcohol, tobacco and other potentially hazardous items that may require quick and easy access. They are also ideal to use for data centres. The mesh allows for air circulation keeping temperatures at a constant and enabling you to fulfill your health and safety requirements.

Data centres are often full of very expensive equipment which is also offered extra security through the mesh partitioning system. They can be made out of steel and securely locked. It is also suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.