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How to improve your home office

Working from home may have its benefits like getting up a bit later, wearing comfy clothes and having an oven handy for making lunch.

But you may find working, eating and sleeping in the same place each day gets a bit tiresome after a while.

Here’s a few tips and tricks for making your work environment at home that little bit brighter…

Find a comfy chair

If you have a comfortable chair you can use as your work chair, this will make a big difference if you’re sitting at a desk or table all day.

Clean up your mess (computer, papers, laptops etc)

A clean and tidy working environment can make the world of difference.

Making sure your desk or table is free of clutter so that you have space to work, and that it’s clean and tidy can leave your feeling calmer and more productive.

Make sure you also tidy up at the end of your working day so that you come away from work and enjoying the evening for yourself and the family.

Natural lighting

If possible, choose a place for your workspace environment that has natural lighting. This can be beneficial to your mood and increase productivity. We also recommend you get outside a 20 minutes or so, to give you a break from work and also get much needed fresh air.

Being near a window while working can also up your vitamin D levels, which helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, and these nutrients are needed to keep muscle, teeth and bones healthy.

Separate work and living areas

If it’s possible to do so, your workspace should be in a room or space as far away as possible from the place where you sleep if you want to increase your productivity.

Your brain tends to associate certain spaces with certain tasks, which is why it’s important to keep your work and living areas physically separate if you can.
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Designing an environmentally friendly office interior

Look after our planet by incorporating these eco-friendly design features into your office interior.

As the effects of climate change become more obvious, businesses of all shapes and sizes are becoming more conscientious about the impact that they have on the environment.

If you’re looking for ways to make your office more sustainable and energy-efficient, why not give it an eco-friendly refurbishment. Here are four basic elements of an environmentally-friendly office design.

Energy-efficient lighting

Keeping the lights on in your office can use a lot of energy, which is not only detrimental to our planet, but to your business’ budget too. Reduce your office’s energy bill by designing an interior that lets in as much natural light as possible to minimise the need for artificial light. Using energy efficient LED lighting can also reduce the amount of energy you use to light your office by 50% or more!

Sustainable furniture

Make environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to office furniture by only buying high quality, long-lasting furniture made from sustainable materials and preferably sourced locally too. Where possible, try to upcycle, repurpose or reuse existing furniture rather than buying new.

Sustainable flooring

Your office’s flooring should not only be made from a sustainable material, it should be energy efficient too to lower your office’s heating bills and keep employees feeling warm and comfortable. Reclaimed wood flooring and eco-friendly carpet made from recyclable materials are both popular options. More unusual eco-friendly flooring materials include cork, bamboo and concrete.

Recycling bins

Encourage employees to get involved and start thinking about the effects that their actions at work have on the environment. Install central recycling and waste management zones that require employees to separate out recyclables and promote less wasteful ways of working.

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Office design features that increase productivity

Could your office design be holding your employees back from reaching their full potential?

The design of your office workspace could be having more of an impact on employee performance than you realise. Creating an inspiring work environment that assists productivity and looks after employee health and wellbeing is key to boosting productivity.

Does your office incorporate these five design features that are key to productivity?

Natural light – Not getting enough natural light can take its toll on the health and wellbeing of your employees. Working in an environment with poor levels of natural light can disrupt sleep, increase the risk of mental health problems, and cause health problems related to vitamin D deficiency. Fill your office with natural light and sunshine to keep employees feeling bright-eyed and healthy as well as boosting moods and productivity.

Ergonomics – No one can perform to the best of their ability if they’re not comfortable at work. Taking the time to ensure that the ergonomics of your employee’s desk spaces are correct is essential to the health, wellbeing, and productivity of your workforce.

Partitions – Office partitioninggives individuals their own private workspace, minimising distractions and aiding concentration. Partitions encourage a quieter and more relaxing work environment, reducing stress and encouraging productivity.

Social spaces – Whilst partitioned workspaces are excellent for staying focussed on individual tasks, it can be beneficial to also include social spaces in your office design. Social break out spaces are useful for employees working on collaborative tasks. Employees are more productive when they can take short mental breaks away from their desks between tasks to recharge. Social spaces provide a change of scenery and the opportunity to gain a new perspective.

Add plants – Spending time in nature is said to be good for our wellbeing, making us feel more connected and relaxed.  Most of us spend our working hours shut away in offices, so it makes sense that if we can’t be outside, we should bring a little of the great outdoors indoors instead. Bringing houseplants into the office will help to clean and oxygenate the air to improve employee wellbeing and boost productivity. In fact, a study has found that employees are 15% more productivewhen plants are added to the office.

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Good Office Design More Important Than Office Games

Walk into many offices belonging to trendy new businesses and you are likely to find anything from pool tables to ping pong tables and even areas to indulge in a beer or two. But, according to research, employees are more likely to be happier in their work if the office is designed right.

What many office owners mistakenly believe will help motivate their staff may be missing the mark if the research turns out to be accurate.

While having the opportunity to indulge in a game of pool during worktime might sound attractive it may actually end up having the opposite effect with some staff who may end up feeling less motivated to do their work.

What workers need to feel happy in their work is less reliant on gimmicks and more about two important things; feeling valued by an employer and an environment that helps them focus. There is even growing evidence that not all employees will want the same thing when it comes to collaborative working and casual work environments.

Rather than go down the Google route of an office designed to incorporate play and relaxation spaces, simply adding the correct furnishings, colours and lighting can make a significant difference to making the work environment a happier place.