While architectural magazines are beginning to question playful office design, an article in the Guardian newspaper recently suggests that it is the best way to attract top graduate talent.

The article, Fun agency office design draws in the bright, young graduates, says that this may be the reason trendy media companies have the pick of the best talent out there because these graduates have come to expect relaxed environments full of toys and places to get away from the desk when a break is needed.

Not every business of course has the budget to start filling their offices with table football, slides and so on so it puts businesses that seem less cool in comparison at a distinct disadvantage recruitment-wise.

Companies such as Facebook, Bloomberg and of course Google are just a few of the trail blazers when it comes to fun office design, but in the UK outside of London, you may struggle to find many examples of firms incorporating playgrounds into offices.

There are plenty of business owners out there who would rather have their staff just get on with their work rather than preside over offices that can look like a youth clubs or kindergartens. But it’s the media companies who seem to be driving a good proportion of the innovation and growth in the UK economy.