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There Is More Than One Type Of Office Partition

Office partitions allow you make the most of your office space as well as reorganise and create new workspaces. It is, however, essential to consider which office partition will work best in your particular environment. Here are some of the merits of each type…

Solid Partitions
As the name suggests these are more permanent partitions. These are most suited to office spaces where confidentiality is important. Solid partitions can always be mixed and matched with glass partitions to brighten things up.

Glass Partitions
Glass partitions are great for smaller offices where you want clutter kept to a minimum. They also create brighter more collaborative workspaces which tend to keep staff happier in comparison to solid walls which can create unnecessary barriers in some offices.

Demountable Partitions
These are highly flexible and easy to move around if your office space is more fluid. With many old town centre buildings being transformed into enterprise hubs and business incubators, demountable partitions can provide a way to create separation between work spaces and allow plenty of scope to change layouts at the same time.

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Is This Office In Wales The Trendiest and Happiest In The UK?

The Daily Post recently reported on call answering company, Moneypenny’s, new offices in Wrexham revealing a trendy new multi-million-pound office to rival that of some of the world’s biggest business HQs.

Moneypenny’s aim when designing the new 91,000sq ft building was to create a happy environment for staff. The hope is that the new offices will make going to work a pleasurable for staff in contrast to the majority of offices in the UK.

The office features a treehouse meeting room and even its own village pub, which were all introduced in consultation with staff.

In addition to a pub the offices also feature a sun terrace, a triple height atrium and a restaurant featuring free breakfasts and fruit in true ‘Google office style’. These additions are likely to give staff not only plenty of natural light to enjoy but also keep them healthy and well-fed.

The cost of the new office building came in at £15 million which was according to the company owners the same price they would have paid for a standard brick built office on the same kind of scale.

The challenge for the architects was to design something ground breaking for the same price and it looks like they have achieved it.

Office Shortage Drives Surge In Rents and Refurbishment

Cities across the UK are experiencing a shortage in supply of office space which threatens to drive up costs for businesses as rents inevitably increase. The shortage in office space has led to a surge in demand for office refurbishment in efforts to increase supply in some of the UK cities including London Cardiff and Bristol.

The statistics were revealed in Savills’ Regional Office Market Review & Outlook report which also says that there is less than one year’s supply of grade ‘A’ space available. The national shortage is driving up demand at a time when space in crowded city centres has become limited as many older buildings have been converted into residential housing.

In London, there is now a particular problem as commercial and residential developers fight it out for space in the city. This has pushed up office rents in locations such as Canary Wharf.

Bristol and Cardiff were two cities highlighted as having the biggest potential for rent rises this year. Bristol office rents are set to increase by 12% while nearby Cardiff is expecting to see rents rise 9%.

Across the UK availability of office space is down 18 percent on 2007 levels.