If you happen to own offices in Canary Wharf, London, this year will be one of the best years yet for rental growth.

Canary Wharf in Central London is London has become a magnet for service sector businesses in recent years. So much so that it will have the best rental growth in the city this year at 12.8% which puts it ahead of nearest rivals Shoreditch 10% and Midtown 9.6%.

Despite the increase in demand for offices in Canary Wharf, it still remains an affordable alternative to Central London. Excellent connections to the city centre via Crossrail have raised its appeal even further.

The increasing number of tech and creative firms setting up in the capital will be the key drivers of growth in 2016 according to the Knight Frank report. In fact the technology sector has been the largest source of demand for office space in the capital for the past 5 years.

While rising rents and increased demand will be good news for owners who let office space, those seeking more affordable offices may be forced to move further out. Vacancy rates are currently at their lowest level for nearly 14 years. In the West End of London, the vacancy rate is at its lowest level since 1989.