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Designing an environmentally friendly office interior

Look after our planet by incorporating these eco-friendly design features into your office interior.

As the effects of climate change become more obvious, businesses of all shapes and sizes are becoming more conscientious about the impact that they have on the environment.

If you’re looking for ways to make your office more sustainable and energy-efficient, why not give it an eco-friendly refurbishment. Here are four basic elements of an environmentally-friendly office design.

Energy-efficient lighting

Keeping the lights on in your office can use a lot of energy, which is not only detrimental to our planet, but to your business’ budget too. Reduce your office’s energy bill by designing an interior that lets in as much natural light as possible to minimise the need for artificial light. Using energy efficient LED lighting can also reduce the amount of energy you use to light your office by 50% or more!

Sustainable furniture

Make environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to office furniture by only buying high quality, long-lasting furniture made from sustainable materials and preferably sourced locally too. Where possible, try to upcycle, repurpose or reuse existing furniture rather than buying new.

Sustainable flooring

Your office’s flooring should not only be made from a sustainable material, it should be energy efficient too to lower your office’s heating bills and keep employees feeling warm and comfortable. Reclaimed wood flooring and eco-friendly carpet made from recyclable materials are both popular options. More unusual eco-friendly flooring materials include cork, bamboo and concrete.

Recycling bins

Encourage employees to get involved and start thinking about the effects that their actions at work have on the environment. Install central recycling and waste management zones that require employees to separate out recyclables and promote less wasteful ways of working.

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Mezzanine design safety requirements

The two most important considerations when designing a mezzanine floor are that the structure is fit for purpose and safe.

Mezzanine floors are an ideal solution for conveniently and affordably increasing the size of your business premises.

No matter how big or how small your new mezzanine floor is going to be, it will need to be designed by an expert who can ensure that it complies with all relevant building and safety regulations.

A few of the key safety requirements of a mezzanine floor are:

Guard rail– To comply with building regulations, all mezzanines must have toe boards and hand rails to provide users with protection from falling. Guard rails protect people from slipping, tripping or falling over the edge of a mezzanine floor. You will also need to ensure that the rail is installed at the right height and can withstand a certain amount of force, our team of designers will help you to ensure that your guard rail meets all relevant safety requirements.

Safety gate– Areas with stairs or access for pallets should always be guarded by a safety gate to reduce the risk of anyone falling from the mezzanine floor. Safety regulations should ensure that gates are always in operation when employees are loading or unloading pallets from a forklift or other machinery.

Stability and maximum load limit– Your mezzanine floor will need to be designed according to building regulations to ensure that it can safely hold the weight it is intended to. Your mezzanine must be a safe and stable structure that will stand steadfast even in the event of ground movement or severe weather.

Access and fire safety– Your new mezzanine will need to be carefully designed with fire safety regulations in mind. These specifications will vary depending on the size of your building, number of employees, and size of the mezzanine.

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Brief Guide To Breakout Furniture

Ever heard of breakout furniture? If you haven’t then you’re probably not up to speed with the latest innovations in office furniture.

There’s a buzz word for most things nowadays and that includes a specific type of furniture called breakout furniture. Now before we go into breakout furniture we need to understand what a breakout area is in an office.

The definition is actually as the name suggests, a place to break away from the desk and hold informal meetings or take time out for a break.

So you may actually have a breakout space without even knowing it but for some or even most offices, the breakout space is little more than a battered old sofa someone moved from their house and a cheap coffee table.

Breakout furniture doesn’t have to be this way, however, when there is the opportunity to make these spaces livelier and engaging.

A well thought out breakout space complete with office pods or even booths where people can use their phones can make for a much more happy and relaxed work environment.

If you are planning to fit or plan a new office layout, give us a call today to discuss the options available.

There Is More Than One Type Of Office Partition

Office partitions allow you make the most of your office space as well as reorganise and create new workspaces. It is, however, essential to consider which office partition will work best in your particular environment. Here are some of the merits of each type…

Solid Partitions
As the name suggests these are more permanent partitions. These are most suited to office spaces where confidentiality is important. Solid partitions can always be mixed and matched with glass partitions to brighten things up.

Glass Partitions
Glass partitions are great for smaller offices where you want clutter kept to a minimum. They also create brighter more collaborative workspaces which tend to keep staff happier in comparison to solid walls which can create unnecessary barriers in some offices.

Demountable Partitions
These are highly flexible and easy to move around if your office space is more fluid. With many old town centre buildings being transformed into enterprise hubs and business incubators, demountable partitions can provide a way to create separation between work spaces and allow plenty of scope to change layouts at the same time.

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What is Mesh Partitioning and Why do I Need it?

If you have a storage need that requires security, flexibility and a high level of health and safety, then mesh partitioning could be exactly what you are looking for.

Ideal for the storage and separation of flammable or hazardous products, the mesh allows for sprinkler systems to penetrate through the partitions meaning that you are given that extra level of safety and peace of mind.

The mesh is see-through so that you can easily see the stored goods and the people who may be working closely with them. The mesh is also highly flexible and can be assembled quickly and easily, as well as being light weight so that it can be easily transported.

Our mesh partitioning is used for the storage of alcohol, tobacco and other potentially hazardous items that may require quick and easy access. They are also ideal to use for data centres. The mesh allows for air circulation keeping temperatures at a constant and enabling you to fulfill your health and safety requirements.

Data centres are often full of very expensive equipment which is also offered extra security through the mesh partitioning system. They can be made out of steel and securely locked. It is also suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.