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Those who are considering returning to the office are doing so cautiously due to the uncertainty of lease commitments and health protocols.

The last several months have left workers reeling as many were forced to work from home to stay safe from the ongoing pandemic. Real estate technology firm Yardi recently conducted a survey recently that revealed office users are still skeptical about what the workplace will look like in the future.

“Occupancy is around 86% nationwide,” said Rao. “It was generally flat up until a month and a half ago. In the last month, it dropped 0.3%, which is a large monthly drop. What we are finding is that for many leases that are expiring, generally what’s happening is the tenants are holding onto the space, and they are not wanting to make any rash decisions one way or another.”

The overall theme of the market is uncertainty. The demands of offices have evolved since the beginning of the year. Now, tenants want touchless technology, outdoor areas and air filtrations systems to ensure that their health is protected.

Additionally, the relationship between landlords and tenants is bound to transform as short-term, flexible leases grow in demand.

Millennium Storage Office Refurbishments

Millennium offers you a full service to provide you with the best possible environment with minimum disruption. We believe in practical solutions and creative office space planning. As a company experienced in office fit out, we offer office partitioning, flooring, decoration, furniture (standard and bespoke). As a result you have one point of contact and dedicated project management to ensure a seamless transformation.

The Benefits of Refurbishing Your Office or Workplace

The average worker spends vast portions of their lives in their office or workplace, so it is important for the surroundings to look and feel welcoming. If your workplace needs a bit of a spruce up, you may want to consider the benefits of an office refurbishment.

Improved efficiency

Refurbishing your workplace can allow you to alter the layout of your establishment, and you may find that by moving certain aspects of your office, you can increase the efficiency of your workplace. You can even take this opportunity to invest in new, high-quality equipment for your office that can increase the speed of functions.

Increased productivity

A new, attractive, updated workplace can boost the morale of your workers, which in turn can increase their productivity.

Attracts new clients or customers

Your office is, in effect, the face of your company, and the quality of your workplace can speak volumes about how your company is run, and even how successful your business is. A high-quality establishment indicates that your company is turning a good profit, which can make other customers or clientele have faith in the success of your company and be more inclined to do business with you.

More room for more staff

When you refurbish, you can alter the size of certain aspects of your establishment – storage, hallways, etc. to create more space, which can fit your expanding workforce more comfortably. You may even find that simply rejigging the furniture into a more organised state can create the extra space you need.

Increased health and safety

If you’ve been using your office for a while, general wear and tear might have caused some damage to the fixtures, which can be a huge health and safety risk to your workers. An entire new office will be completely safe and secure, greatly reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

Millennium Storage and Interiors offer both office and commercial refurbishments, so no matter your workplace, we can provide you with the new look you want. We only use high-quality materials and fully qualified and skilled workers, to ensure that the work we produce is of the utmost quality. No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team, and we’ll be on hand at all times to manage the project, completely eradicating the stress from the procedure.

The UK: Coolest Offices

Looks are never everything, but when it comes to the office you spend most of your time in, a work environment that is fun, easy on the eye and inspiring can make a huge difference to how you perform on a daily basis.

Take a look at a few of the trendiest offices we’ve got in the UK right now…


The Office: ASOS’ headquarters in Camden are located in a former tobacco factory, with an art deco vibe that means natural light, modern furnishings, and funky, patterned wallpaper.

The Engine Group

The Office: Circular, spinning seating pods—like something you might see on a futuristic spaceship—and translucent acrylic display screens make this London office techy and cool.

Frank PR

The Office: This London office has a rotating fairground ride, a la an amusement park! Who wouldn’t want a spin—bad pun intended—at this office, which seems to value playing as much as it does hard work.

Millennium’s solutions are cost-effective and planned to the highest standards. The company’s strength is to understand fully client business and match it to their requirements.

If you have any questions or enquiries for us at Millennium Storage and Interiors, please get in touch using the contact details here.

Creative ideas on how to turn your home office into a stylish haven

Get a desk with built-in storage

When you have a small home office, storage tends to be an issue. Where on Earth will you store your stacks of sticky notes and cool pens? Before you know it, you’re elbow-deep in loose papers, wires. Invest in a desk that not only serves as a desk but can also be used to store all of those essentials that you don’t want lying around or in reach of your little ones!

Add a rug or cushions

This will give you a cosier feel to your work space, it can also make your workspace feel bigger.

Light it up

As well as ensuring you get as much natural light as possible we recommend turning off the harsh overhead lighting (that you don’t miss from your work office!) and instead using a mix of floor and table lamps or even candles to give off a smoother light that still does it’s job without making you squint!

Just add plants

Given that you’ll be spending a good chunk of your day at your desk, you may as well dress it up so that it’s visually stimulating and gives you a burst of energy when you start losing steam. One way to do this is with small plants. Use easy-to-care plants near your desk.

Is the colour of your office affecting employee productivity?

Colours can affect our emotions and influence our actions, so you should select the colour scheme for your office carefully.

Have you considered that the colour of your workplace could be influencing the mood, wellbeing, and subsequently, your employees’ performance?

Your office’s colour palette sets the tone for the mood within your office. A bright and colourful environment can stimulate and energise the mind, inspiring creativity. Whilst cool and muted colours can create a calm and peaceful environment.

Research into the psychology of colours has shown that different colours can elicit particular emotions and behaviours within us.

Consult our guide to the psychology of colours below to discover how your office is making employees feel and which colour you should paint the walls next.

Blue– When used in moderation within a professional environment, blue is said to be a stable and calming colour that encourages productivity.

Red– If you want to motivate and energise employees then red is an excellent colour to add to your interior’s palette. Red is said to create a dynamic atmosphere and can help employees to work more efficiently.

Green– Green is a calming colour that we associate with nature.

Yellow– Yellow is an uplifting and positive colour that can encourage creativity.

Purple– If you want to create a calm and thoughtful zone, then purple and violet can be excellent colours for encouraging spirituality and creativity.

Rather than going overboard with any of these colours, its best to introduce them to the office in muted tones or splashes of colour.

Why not use colours that reflect the different actions and behaviours you want employees to show in different zones within your workplace.

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4 ways your office design could be negatively affecting employee health and wellbeing

Have you considered that your office design and layout could be making your employees sick?

Happy and healthy employees are motivated and productive employees, so it’s in your business’ best interest to look after its staff.

Here are four ways that your office design could be having a negative effect on employee health.

Ergonomics– Employees spend most of their working week sat at their desks, so it’s essential that they feel comfortable there. Ergonomics is the science of creating a comfortable and healthy workstation. Failing to consider ergonomics when designing desks and workspaces can result in demotivated and unhappy employees suffering from aches, pains, and fatigue.

Lack of ventilation– Did you know that indoor air can be up to 50% more polluted than outdoor air? Not providing adequate ventilation in the workplace can result in a build-up of pollutants and allergens and provide the right conditions for mould to grow. Poor air quality can worsen existing health conditions like asthma, allergies, and strokes. Working in stuffy, unventilated spaces also causes fatigue, which can have a negative effect on employee concentration and productivity.

Lack of natural light– Getting plenty of natural light is important to our circadian rhythm, which plays a vital part in getting a good night’s rest. The amount of natural light you get in a day can also affect your mood, with low levels of natural light causing us to feel fatigued and low. Maximise natural light in your office for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. If you work in a windowless office, it is more important than ever to ensure that your artificial lights are the right brightness. It may also be worth investing in lighting with bulbs that mimic natural daylight.

Stress– Is your office layout causing your employees stress? Open plan offices have both their advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is excessive noise, which can cause employees to become distracted and stressed out. Ensure that your office design is suitable for the type of people you employ and the work they are carrying out. If you do have an open plan office, make sure that there are spaces that employees can retreat to if they need some quiet time to concentrate on a task.

For help designing an office environment that not only looks great, but fosters healthy, happy, and productive employees too, give our team here at Millennium Interiors a call on 01942 603 344.

What You Need to Create A Healthy Office

If you own a business, you and your staff are going to be spending a large proportion of your waking lives working in the same office space. This makes it vitally important that you ensure that the environment is as healthy as possible to keep everyone motivated and productive. Here’s how to achieve a healthy office…

One of the first places to start in creating a healthy office environment is lighting. Too much artificial light is not good for the eyes and old outdated lighting can not only be inefficient but also add additional problems for employees already staring at laptop and computer screens. Where possible offices should make the most of any natural light available.

The second and most troublesome area is temperature control. It can be difficult to regulate temperature to everyone’s liking in a large office as there will inevitably be cold spots and warm spots. Spending extra on better air conditioning systems can make a major difference all year round.

When these basic areas are taken care attention can then be focused on areas such as providing easy access to drinking water and even exercise spaces for more progressive offices.