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What Is External Racking?

Are you looking for a way to utilise your yard space that will be completely unaffected by adverse weather conditions? External racking could be the solution for you.

External Warehouse Racking is a storage system that has been galvanised to ensure that the racking will have the longest lifespan possible.

By galvanising the racking you are providing the system with extra protection, ensuring that rust and corrosion are not a problem that you will encounter.

If you have an outdoor space, installing an external racking system will provide useful space for your materials whilst utilising the available space.

Where Could External Racking Be Used?

There are multiple applications that external racking is ideal for:

  • Outdoor retail storage
  • Storage yards
  • Builders Merchants

Advantages of External Racking:

  • Weather resistant – the racking is galvanised to prevent any rust and corrosion
  • Ideal for cold or damp locations
  • Utilising available space in your facility – outdoor space is often under-utilised, outdoor racking allows you to use this space efficiently

Disadvantages of External Racking:

  • The racking must be galvanised to protect it from the elements – this increases the costs and often lead times
  • The products stored must also either not be affected by the elements or be protected from them – this may mean protecting the racking with some form of cladding
  • The floor area must be concreted, flat and level as in an internal warehouse

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Pros and Cons of Buying In Bulk

It is now so easy to set up as a retailer with an online ecommerce store. There are online several platforms available to make the process of selling and marketing your products child’s play. To make a success of your venture, however, you will need to buy in bulk to generate a profit.

Buying in bulk means you should get a much better price per item than buying one-offs and this is the foundation of any business. The simple calculation is that the less you pay for the items and the more you sell them for, the more profit you make.

If this is the big pro of buying in bulk, then there are also some drawbacks depending on how well set up you are to handle demand. If you don’t happen to live in a large property or own a decent sized garage or storage space, then finding additional storage to cope with growing demand will be one of the biggest challenges you are likely to face.

Once you have found the space there will inevitable be ongoing costs as your business expands. You may need to invest in larger storage space or even rent storage which can work out quite expensive and eat into your profits.

One solution is to look to expand upwards rather than outwards. Warehouse shelving can make a big difference to the amount of stock you can handle and there are many different types of warehouse racking and shelving to choose from depending on the items you are storing.

If you need help with planning and choosing shelving or racking to get more from your storage space, our experts are available to help.