Are you restricted in your storage capacity by a lack of warehouse space? Maybe you would like to expand your product range but you do not want to have to move premises? Well perhaps mobile racking is a solution for you to consider.

Mobile racking provides flexibility in the extreme, making the optimum use out of limited spaces. Imagine that you could fit double the amount of storage space into your warehouse? The overheads it could save you could be significant.

So how does mobile racking work?

Its simple really. The products are stored in shelving that it fitted to a chassis. Basically a moveable base operated electronically or manually that creates access in the push of a button or the turn of a wheel. Racking is stored in close proximity and then space is opened up when access is required.

So if you have storage problems and you think that mobile racking could be the solution you are looking for, call us to get a free no obligation quote, or simply some good advice from people who know!