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Workplaces will not return to normal

A report has suggested that:

The 9-5 is dead but the office is NOT: Workplaces will not ‘return to normal’ after the coronavirus pandemic but most companies will not let employees work from home permanently.

The publication warns workplaces ‘will not return to normal’ after the pandemic is brought under control – with employees having adapted to the ‘new normal’ of working from home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The study has advised that there has been increased stress levels among employees due to working from home since the lockdown was enforced in May 2020. It suggests workers splitting time between the office and working from home may be the way forward for many companies, even after the pandemic is over.

London-based outsourcing giant Capita have not renewed leases on 25 of their offices, while Lloyds Banking Group was reviewing its office space requirements after deciding most of its 65,000 employees have performed well working from home.

But the report says others, including social media giant Facebook, had turned against working from home models, while American mutlinational IBM had also pulled back from its staff working from home.

However the report concludes that the likely way forward for businesses will be a mixed model, with employees working from home some of the time, and in the office others.

3 Reasons to Revamp Your Office In 2019

After waving goodbye to 2018 it is time to focus on what 2019 has in store including any changes that might be needed to your office space. Here are our top 3 reasons to revamp your office in 2019.

Bring some positivity
Not everyone starts the year on a positive note. The often dark gloomy days of January leave staff with nothing much to look forward to. Throw in a month of struggle after the excesses of the Christmas and News Year break and you have a recipe for poor morale and people with one eye on a career move. An office makeover can take away some of this feeling of repetition and help create a more dynamic environment that will hopefully inspire staff.

Improve productivity
A well organised and inviting office space can do wonders for productivity levels. Studies have even shown this to be the case. If staff are unhappy with their work environment they won’t be as productive. Ensuring there is plenty of natural light and work spaces are open is particularly important as is ensuring those who prefer peace and quiet aren’t bothered by noise and chatter.

It will demonstrate progress
If your business isn’t moving forward it can often start going backwards. A makeover will project success and give the impression to customers that your business is going places.